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John and wife Angeles at the White House
My name is John Rothe. I am the founder of  the US BOOMERS website and president of the US BOOMERS Corporation. Being born in 1946 puts me on the leading edge of the baby boomers. I saw that the experiences I was having were being had also by others, and that what I had learned could be of benefit to them. The concept of creating the US BOOMERS website grew from the simple realization that all of the baby boomers would be sharing similar experiences and similar challenges, and that the web provided an opportunity for us to help other boomers and to help each other.

The website was created for the generation of baby boomers. It is a resource to obtain valuable information on topics of interest to this generation. The site has been initiated containing information provided by its creators. It's future can be helped by you providing additional content via the submittals feature. The information published on this site will be reviewed and screened by US BOOMERS. This is a family and community oriented site.

The mainstream of the Baby Boomers are experiencing similar concerns. Our time is precious. We need an information source with relevance to us. The US BOOMERS website provides a home for our information. 

Think about the greatest challenges that you are now experiencing. Many of these challenges are affecting a large segment of baby boomers. What you have been through can be an immense help to others. Consider for example the moral, financial, monetary, and time challenges posed by aging parents. The lessons you have learned can help someone else's Mom or Dad.

The activities that provided us with adventure in our youth are being replaced by new activities and adventures. This provides another great opportunity to share information. What are your new activities? What hints do you have for others who wish to try your activity? Have you found special places to pursue it? Consider the example of bicycling. This is low impact exercise. Many communities have poorly publicized trails along abandoned railroad tracks or canals. US BOOMERS provides a ready reference for such information.

Retirement starts to look like a reality and is no longer some distant concept. US BOOMERS is stressing the importance of financial planning now so that retirement can be a pleasure and not a curse. Hints, guidance, and recommendations are provided to encourage early savings and maximize savings growth. Also this information will be useful to your children to help them be well prepared for retirement.

US BOOMERS provides a way to help ourselves by helping others through the sharing of information.

USBOOMERS contains two types of information. One type is generic to the United States. This would apply to articles on retirement planning for example. The other type is local. An article on a local bicycle trail would be an example.

The local information has a regional focus. Many of the resources, references and sponsors will be local to that region. Our first region is the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, USA. This is a natural as we are located in Allentown, PA.  It is our hope to add other  regions as the website grows.

US BOOMERS does not sell personal information to other parties, nor provide information to others, unless you have specifically indicated that you would like your information to be provided to others.

For those who may be curious, the picture on this page is one of my wife Angeles's favorites of us. (My wife's absolute favorite pictures are those that include our two children.) The picture was taken in the White House during a special tour. The portrait is that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

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