10 Tips for Turning 50


10 Tips for Celebrating Your 50th Birthday
by Rachel Green

Having a 50th birthday is definitely worth celebrating. Here are 10 tips to celebrate your 50th birthday in style.

   Party with 50 friends for 50 days: go to restaurants, have them round for dinner, have breakfast together, go for lunch ... work it out so that at the end of 50 days you'll have celebrated with 50 people.

   Put 50 cents aside each day for the fifty days leading up to your 50th birthday and on your 50th birthday spend the money on something that you'd really like - if you're rich make it $50 a day!

  Walk a kilometre a day for 50 days prior to your 50th birthday and by the time you get to 50 you'll not only be fabulous but you'll also be fit.

  Buy a huge box of chocolates with 50 chocolates in and eat a chocolate a day for 50 days.

  Hire the sports car you've always wanted to have but could never afford - drive it around for 50 days until you realise it's not the road to happiness and return it!

  Go on a 50 day cruise around the world.

  Write down 50 things that you like about yourself or are good at or that you've done well in your life and read it each day for 50 days.

  Do a new thing a day for 50 days. It might just be ... reading a new magazine, going to a new theatre, walking along a road you've never walked along, talking to a person you've never spoken to, buying a different colour of clothing, donating to a different charity, signing up for voluntary work, painting a picture, going to Yoga,writing to the newspaper, planting a new flower, watching a different television programme, listening to new music, going to a different Church, getting up at a different time of day, sleeping with the bed in a different position, changing bedrooms, trying a new herbal tea, digging up your lawn, having sex in a different position, taking up knitting, taking tennis lessons, saying ""no' to something you are asked to do which you usually say ""yes"" to, giving up chocolate, giving away a piece of furniture, having a new haircut, going to a new sport, holding your toothbrush in a different hand, ...

  Take 50 days off work on holiday - paid or unpaid!

  Have a big party with 50 people all aged 50 all over! 

Have a very Happy Birthday!

This article was contributed by Rachel Green. Rachael has a website in Australia. Click on her site address to visit her site for more great tips and ideas. www.nomoreboringconferences.com.au/midlife.html

US Boomers says "Thanks Rachel!"

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