First Group of Pictures of Chichen Itza in Mexico

The Chichen Itza Adventure

Group 1 Pictures

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The Caracol (Snail)

Named for its spiral shape, some believe that this structure was used as an observatory. The Mayans believed that the universe was on a 52 year cycle. Observation of the heavens was very important to them.

ccaracol.jpg (41857 bytes)


The Mayan Arch

The arch is a concept of tremendous importance in building large structures. The true arch is very strong and distributes load. The Mayans did not have the true arch. They used an arch created by using stones to progressively narrow a space and then add a capstone on top. The Mayan arch was used successfully by these builders in the jungle. 

cmayanarch.jpg (51475 bytes)


The Palace of the Nuns

This complex, large structure was assumed for nuns by Spaniards who apparently thought it was used to house maiden women. The interior is a maze of small rooms and small tunnels.

cnunnery.jpg (37094 bytes)


The Cave Pyramid

This intriguing pyramid is built over a cave. Sadly, visitors are not allowed to enter. The serpent holds a major place in Mayan beliefs. A careful inspection will show that the steps are railed by serpents whose heads appear at the base of this smaller pyramid.

ccave.jpg (52356 bytes)

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