Second Group of Pictures of Chichen Itza in Mexico

The Chichen Itza Adventure

Group 2 Pictures

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The Cenote Sagrado (Sacred Well)

The Yucatan Peninsula is largely limestone. Surface water is not common. The Mayan ceremonial centers of Chichen Itza and Coba are both located where wells exist in the Yucatan. This well is believed to have been a place of sacrifice. It is a long way down to the surface of the water. Where the water surface touches the vertical limestone wall it has undercut it making escape virtually impossible without assistance from above.

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The Temple of the Warriors

Sitting atop this impressive structure is a statue of a reclining god. His name is Chac Mool. His stomach is a flat platform. Human sacrifices were done here for religious reasons. The victim's still beating heart would be placed on this flat platform. At one time, the numerous vertical columns supported a roof.

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The Ball Court

Every classical Mayan city had at least one playing field or ball court. Chichen Itza has the most impressive in Mexico. This is an exterior view of the ball court. Inside stone serpents line the walls of the playing field. Small stone loops are mounted high on these walls near the center of the court. The object of the game was to make a rubber ball pass through the stone loop. Archeologists believe that no hands or feet were allowed. Getting the ball through the ring must have been quite difficult. Carvings on the stone walls of the playing court show a losing player literally losing his head. Was this what happened to a losing team?

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