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At some time in your life you may have set up rows of dominos, experienced the thrill of knocking over the first, and watching all of the rest tumble one by one until the end This amazing clock uses that idea to tell time..


Each 3 inch tall domino is hand carved. Each minute, a single domino automatically stands up. Each domino is marked so that you can tell how many minutes have passed. Four dots on top is forty minutes, four more on the bottom make it forty-four minutes.
When the last domino stands an hour has passed. The carved wooden hand reaches out and tips the first domino, it knocks over the second, which knocks over the third, and so on. When the last domino falls, it strikes a lever on the brass hour display and advances the display by one hour. And then the cycle begins again. After a minute, the first domino again automatically stands up.
This unique and beautifully crafted work of art is built into a hand made oak table. This is the clock that won Rick Stanley first place in the year 2000 National Horological Crafts Competition in Philadelphia, PA in  category of novelty clocks. 

Please note that Rick's clock designs are legally protected and cannot be copied.  

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