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The golfer clock is a prototype. Although it lacks the polish and fine woods of a final version, the clock is completely functional.

Once a minute a ball bearing is set up on the golfer's tee. He rotates his body aiming this miniature golf ball towards the hole. Thanks to a groove in the table, his shot is always accurate. An electronic display built into the flag shows the hour. But where are the minutes?

The answer is that a ball goes in the hole once each minute. A graduated cylinder underneath the hole provides visual indication of the number of minutes.

At the end of the hour, the diagonal threaded shafts seen in the picture rotate to empty all 60 balls from the graduated cylinder and move them to a dispensing tube at the top of the clock. The cycle then begins again with the tube dispensing one ball a minute to the tee above.

Our baggy panted golfer appears to be in deep concentration as he readies to putt the ball into the hole. His upper torso will rotate allowing the club head to strike the ball.

Always awaiting the next putt, this golfer diligently holds the flag for his companion. Beneath him the careful observer will note the cylinder marked to show the minutes and the column of balls accumulating within.

Please note that Rick's clock designs are legally protected and cannot be copied. 

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