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The hourglass clock above provides an automated hourglass. An electric eye senses when the sand has stopped flowing and triggers a circuit that rotates the hand holding the hourglass. Wooden tabs on each end of the hourglass push a lever to update the hour display.
The Golf Ball clock has a pulley system that lifts a golf ball each minute to the top. It rolls down a copper track to the shoe. The shoe gives it a kick and it continues on its way where it mechanically triggers the minutes display to update by a minute. From there it goes through some fancy looping and is finally slowed down by some wind chimes to sit and await its next trip.
The hand carved hand points at the minutes.

We hope that you have gotten a "kick" out of this clock and all of the Amazing Clocks of Rick Stanley. 

Please note that Rick's clock designs are legally protected and cannot be copied. 

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