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Meet Rick Stanley. On the linked pages you will find the most amazing clocks you have ever seen. Somehow, Rick seems to think a bit differently than most of us, and in those thoughts originate ideas for truly amazing clocks. On the linked pages, you'll meet the domino, the golfer, the incline, the train, the hourglass, and the golf ball clocks.

It is a long way between an idea and a final product. A working prototype can take months to develop. Rick thrives on the challenge of combining mechanical complexity with accurate time keeping. For Rick, each clock is a labor of love. On a farm near Bloomsburg, PA, Rick's workshop sits inside the barn. His workshop is a potpourri of clock ideas in various stages of construction. All are a tribute to the mind of this easy going country craftsman- a mind that is as amazing as the clocks it dreams up!
Rick has ventured out into one show entering two clocks into the show's Novelty division. The show was the National Horological Crafts Competition in Philadelphia PA in the year 2000. This was his first competition and he walked away with first and second place. First for the domino clock and second for the train clock. An impressive start!
Rick is a family man with four delightful children. His wife runs a dried flower business from their farm ( And Rick works as well. How he finds time for the clocks is a mystery in itself. Rick's clocks are available for sale. He will even custom build a clock. Price will need to be negotiated with Rick. His clocks are not cheap. Today Rick is not well known. With clocks like these, that may change. Rick's dream is to have at least some his clocks make it into museums.

If you would like to contact Rick,
click here to e-mail or
call 570-458-4056 or mail to
1131 Millertown Rd.
Millville, PA 17846

Please note that Rick's clock designs are legally protected and cannot be copied.

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