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Tricks from the card companies

The introductory rate changes to variable rate which is ONLY a few percent over some published rate. Better find out what that published rate is to determine the rate you will soon be paying.

The time between mailing of the bill and when it is due has been decreased. This increases the likelihood of a late payment. 

The late fee is steep.

Not only is there a late fee, but a late fee will increase your annual rate permanently.

Your rate can increase if your credit rating changes, regardless of whether all of your payments have been made on time for that particular card.

Beware of the telephone deals offered by your credit card company. They may be easy to sign up for and difficult to cancel.

Flat out Scams

Never give out your credit card number and expiration date over the phone to someone who has called you. If it is your credit card company, they already know. A millennium scam is the Y2K call. The caller advises of a problem with your card with the change of calendar date from 1999 to 2000. You will be sent a new magnetic strip to be pasted onto your card. This strip will solve the problem. The caller asks for your credit card number and expiration date to ensure that the new strip is properly coded. The caller is a criminal trying to steal your credit information. Remember, the caller will most likely sound friendly, pleasant, and helpful. Otherwise, why would you cooperate? The caller is not going to sound like a criminal! Now that the year 2000 has arrived, this pleasant sounding criminal will be dreaming up a new scam.

To learn more about all kinds of telemarketing fraud, visit This site to fight fraud is provided by the U.S. government.

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