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Fun Links of the Week

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Fun link of the week 12/02/01:

So you want to take the tugboat under a bridge that's a bit too low? If the graphics load slowly, it's worth the wait

Fun link of the week 12/02/01:

As you likely know, Ivy League private colleges such as Harvard are very expensive. Surely the investment is well worth the value we gain in educating the future leaders of our society. Here's a website from those Harvard students that investigates a new kind of fishing. I don't recommend trying it. 

Fun link of the week 11/25/01:

Some people always seem to enjoy fooling other people. Visit the Museum of Hoaxes for famous hoaxes throughout the centuries.

Fun link of the week 11/18/01:

Crazy for the moon might be a good way to describe this site. Lunar citizenship, upcoming elections, and interesting information are just a click away.

Fun link of the week 11/11/01:

You remember the game rock, paper, and scissors. Could you ever imagine that someone would devote a website to this subject? Here it is- the World Rock, Paper, and Scissors website!

Fun link of the week 11/4/01: 

We admit to being Harry Potter fans. With the movie coming out in less than two weeks, the Warner Brothers Harry Potter site is worth a visit. Play quidditch, create magical creatures, and more. Click the banner above to buy Harry Potter items from Amazon.

Fun link of the week 10/28/01:

Here's an informative site about the Northern Lights including a video clip. Explore this mysterious phenomenon!

Fun link of the week 10/21/01:

Once again we pick Jans Courtyard as our creepiest, most ghoul filled site for Halloween. The pages load slowly due to intense graphics. It is worth the wait. Will you sleep peacefully ever again after visiting Jans Courtyard?

Fun link of the week 4/15/01:

Sadly, many baby boomers have seen the value of their retirement accounts drop dramatically. Many have also experienced the frustration of having to pay capital gains taxes on mutual funds that have dropped greatly in value. Here's a chance to get a bit of perverse glee from the subject. Check out 101 of the dumbest moments in internet history. You can even vote for the dumbest. 

Fun link of the week 4/8/01:

After a short absence, fun link is back. This week we bring you a more serious site. A click will take you to the site of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These are the folks that conduct the automotive crash tests so often highlighted by the media. You can look up the test results for your make of vehicle and see pictures of the results. The site also includes statistics on subjects such as injuries and thefts, and other information about highway safety. Some very informative information about airbag safety is included.

Fun link of the week 3/4/01:

This week we take you to the STORYTELLER page of a site for children. This site let's kids from all over the world submit their stories. Your child or grandchild can see his or her story appear on the web. To submit a story, pick a topic, go to the bottom of the topic page, and select "Write a story.." It's fun to read the stories just to be reminded again of how the world looks through the eyes of children.

Fun link of the week 2/25/01: (This link has become inactive)

Join Mike Falconeri's journey as he paddles a kayak around the U.S. from Oregon to Maine. The site  includes logs, photos, and news articles. Not only does he have to suffer the challenges of the sea, but the challenges of men as well- his kayak was stolen at one point. The journey is due to finish in April

Fun link of the week 2/18/01:

This site will make you think and might even make your brain hurt! Have you ever felt that an argument was convincing even though something didn't seem quite right? Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallicies uses real life examples to explain how people can make something sound logical even though it's not. 

Link of the week 2/11/01:(This link has become inactive)

This week brings a more serious link. Here are links to a series of two articles on teen driving safety. In spite of all the safety design improvements in automobiles, too many teens are still getting injured or dying soon after taking to the road. Here's Part 1 and Part 2 from Edmunds on teenage driving safety.

Fun link of the week 2/4/01:

Can a dog in a funny picture still have its dignity? You be the judge of these photographed canines!

Fun link of the week 1/28/01:

Although its Super Bowl Sunday, this site of the week is about baseball. The developers of this site claim "More baseball history, awards, records, feats, humor, lists, quotations, and stats than any other baseball site on the Internet!"

Fun link of the week 1/21/01:

Visit this site to see an aerial view of your house in the USA! The resolution may vary depending on where you live. The aerial display takes a bit of getting used to. A map conveniently located next to the image will help you get your bearings. The site includes images of some interesting locations around the world.

Fun link of the week 1/14/01:

This week we take you to another government site with some information geared for different ages groups. The FBI offers information aimed at kids and youth with information categories of grades K through 5, grades 6 through 12, teachers and parents, and Department of Justice for Kids and Youth. A section on major investigations makes for some interesting reading. And it wouldn't be the FBI without a most wanted page.

Fun link of the week 1/7/01:

Visit the CIA's Homepage for Kids . There are activities that different ages can enjoy with "Try a Disguise" for the younger set, "Codebreakers" for a challenge, "Geography Trivia Quiz", and "Aerial Photography Pigeons", among others. A fun site to snoop around!

Fun link of the week 12/31/00:

Ever feel lost when the kids are bandying about the latest internet terminology. Whatis to the rescue. This site provides definitions of thousands of Information Technology terms.

Fun link of the week 12/24/00:

In the cold weather, the car may not start. Want to teach someone how to jump start a car? This Battery Basics from Johnson Controls let's you practice doing it the right way! At the site, click the left side of the box marked "Jump Start a Battery | Print".

Fun link of the week 12/5/00:

A visit to Santa's House is quite nice this time of year. Includes fun and games, Christmas around the world, and a chance to E-mail Santa that Christmas wish list.

Fun link of the week 11/26/00:

Ever wonder what everyone else makes? Or maybe your student is trying to pick a career. Research the SALARY you can earn at different jobs or in different locations.

Fun link of the week 11/19/00:

Although this site loads slowly, it is your chance to see the famous and amazingly cute Mr. Winkle. Is your dog as cute as this one?

Fun link of the week 11/12/00:

This site brings a plethora of true crime stories and special features. Also includes an article about the Navidad virus currently in the news. 

Fun link of the week 10/29/00:

Read all true weird news. This site will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Fun link of the week 10/15/00:

Can't get enough of soap operas? Read this original soap opera as it evolves on the web. Archived episodes ensure that you won't miss a beat. There's even a theme song!

Fun link of the week 10/8/00:

This week we go for pure silliness. Click HERE and select the Chia Pet to see such great works of art as Liberachia, Chia Zadora, and Metalichia among others. The site includes a link to the site for the real Chia Pets in case you were inspired to buy one.

Fun link of the week 10/1/00:

Here's a great resource for biographies. Search on names or dates. Surprise the kids with what you know about the author of the novel they're reading for English class. Search on your family name for distinguished namesakes. History is a lot more fun than it used to be!

Fun link of the week 9/24/00:

OK, so we're still on that Halloween theme. Jan's Courtyard is a work of art. Entertaining and clever images and sounds. Have fun, and don't be scared!

Fun link of the week 9/17/00:

With Halloween approaching, ghosts, goblins, and bats are appearing everywhere. Test your knowledge of bats with the bat quiz. Only nine questions, it's fun and informative.

Fun link of the week 9/10/00:

Struggling with a sticky situation? This site will help you decide what sticks best to what.

Fun link of the week 9/3/00:

Would you believe that the police car in Bavaria is a BMW? Visit police cars and view  what the "coppers" are driving in the U.S., Canada, and all over the world. This carefully designed site is hosted on Tripod which is a free hosting service. So, a pop-up ad or two will appear but they are not intrusive. Pay the site a visit, it's fun to see what the site's two creators have done, and its fun to see the word "police" in a variety of languages.

Fun link of the week 8/27/00:

Pick your music. Mediamazing is an innovative music site that allows you to pick from one or more categories of music such as top 40, country, blues, classical, rock, and many more. When you start the music for the style or styles you have chosen, the song starts at the beginning, not in the middle. Up less than a year, this site is already getting more than 12 MILLION hits a month. Visit it and you'll see why.

Fun link of the week 8/20/00:

Wondering what movie to see? Different reviewers always seem to have different opinions. Checkthegrid gives you a light - red (skip the show), yellow, or green (go see it) - representing the comments of reviewers from a variety of well known sources. A click on a colored light will often take you to the actual review. 

Fun link of the week 8/13/00:

This week we take you the some pages of the US Mint. The first is a site with several games "for kids" from the mint. Puzzlemint is a jigsaw puzzle using the designs of the new state quarters. It took us adults three tries to finish the puzzle within the three minute deadline. The game requires that Macromedia Flash be installed on your machine. If it is not already installed, a link to download is offered right on the site.

The 50 state quarters have been tremendously popular with the public. The mint not only offers proof and uncirculated sets of these quarters, but offers a variety of products. Looking for a gift idea, take a look at the catalog for the US Mint. This is a US government site, so you can buy on-line with confidence.

Fun link of the week 8/6/00:

Useless knowledge can provide all kinds of interesting tidbits. We found this site just plain fun to visit. Their fact of the day now appears on our fun page.

Fun links of the week 7/30/00:

This week we're going to visit some lighthouses and let you check out a day in history. The National Park Service provides this link of Publicly Accessible Lighthouses.  The light was out at Whitefish Point on November 10, 1978 when the 729 foot Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in 10 seconds. Want to know what else happened on November 10? Click HERE to see November 10 in history and then enter any other date you want to know about, courtesy of PBS.

Fun links of the week 7/23/00:

The Hunger Site: What a great idea! By clicking on the spot in the middle of the screen for the hunger site, the little advertisements of several participating businesses are presented to you. At this point, you have just caused 1 1/2 cups of food to go to a hungry person. You can chose to click through to the advertisers, or leave the site to go somewhere else. Do a good dead with virtually no effort on your part!

Check out your high school graduating class: High schools form all over the country. Select your state, select your school, and select the year you graduated. Would you believe that my graduation year of 1964 turned up several names!

Fun link of the week 7/17/00:

The original hamster dance is back! The address " will take you to Nutty Sites and is actually our fun link of 3/26/00 below. But somehow, the ORIGINAL hamster dance had disappeared. We have found it again for your viewing and listening pleasure! For maximum silliness, your sound should be set so your can hear the song.

Fun link of the week 7/9/00:

100 Funny Movies: Are you struggling with those rainy day blues? The American Film Institute comes to the rescue with their choice of the 100 funniest movies of the last 100 years. So, pick a title and head down to the local video store. If you like the movie, you'll feel better. And if you don't like it, then you can wonder aloud about who would ever vote for such a movie as being one of the funniest. Either way, you still feel better!

Fun links of the week of 7/2/00:

This week we bring you two fun links. One for celebration of July 4th, and the other to remember some of those automobiles we knew and loved.

Fireworks: This site provides a fireworks display where you chose the backdrop and launch your choice of pyrotechnics- a great July 4th treat. The site requires Macromedia's Shockwave Flash which is available as a free download on the site. Shockwave Flash is a widely used program for multimedia playback. When you chose to start the download of the fireworks display, it takes in the range of 10 minutes depending on your computer set-up. So take a break and when you come back, you can play with the fireworks.

The Worst Cars of the Millennium: Reminisce as you see the public's choice of the top ten worst cars of our era. The comments on each car are worth taking the trip to this link.

Fun link of the week of 6/25/00:

Free samples: Here's a site that will send you free samples of a variety of products. The variety of samples has increased since a visit to this site several months ago. The two most popular free samples are a Dove soap bar and a Hewlett Packard printer cleaning kit. Categories currently are beauty, health, personal hygiene, nutrition, pets, and food and drink.

Fun link of the week of 6/18/00:

The world's dumbest crooks: Not all would-be criminals are cut out for a life of crime. This site provides a collection of true stories about blunders by criminals. Hopefully these folks will try to learn a different trade while serving their time!

Fun link of the week of 5/28/00:

75 Years of the Band Aid:  Some of us boomers may find some of these boxes familiar. Does that mean that We are already historical? This site is one of a group designated as "Unusual Museums of the Internet". Links to additional such museums are provided at the end of the site.

Fun link of the week of 5/21/00:

Be prepared for everything with UFO Abduction Insurance: No longer will you suffer those sleepless nights. Now you can buy $10,000,000.00 of abduction insurance. Or buy it for someone else with yourself as the beneficiary. Payment plans such as $1.00 a year for 10 million years may apply. And you get a really nifty looking certificate. (Allow time for the site's graphics to load.)

Fun link of the week of 5/14/00:

News from your birth date: Type in your birth date and this site will tell you the major news and sports stories from that quarter, popular songs and movies of that year, and celebrities born on the same month and day. The site covers from 1900 to 1999.

Fun link of the week of 5/7/00:

Feel like a Game Today?: This site presents a game a day, let's you go back to prior games, has a "Who's Birthday" game and even provides a "This day in History" feature.

Have you ever been a desperate tourist?: An earthy subject- where to find a public restroom in New York, Chicago, Boston, or Washington DC? This is a site that is serious about this subject. A needed public service!

Fun link of the week of 4/30/00:

Great Achievements: Presented by the National Academy of Engineering, this site showcases the 20 Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century. Very well done and very interesting.

Houdini: PBS brings us an except from Houdini's pamphlet exposing Margery- a medium who was poised to receive Scientific American's $2500 reward for being the real thing. Learn the secrets of some of Harry Houdini's favorite tricks. See video of some Houdini escapes. Houdini was known to sign autographs with "My mind is the key that sets me free- Houdini".

Fun link of the week of 4/24/00:

Peep Surgery: You know those college dollars are being well spent. And if your son or daughter is in medical school, you know that college loans can exceed the amount of the mortgage. This site shows you how those college dollars are being put to work on innovative surgical research regarding the separating of marshmallow peeps joined at birth.

Music 101:  This site has a wonderful overview of the history of music. Biographical information on composers is included. In some cases, audio samples of the compositions are provided.

Week of 4/16/00:

History and Politics Out Loud: The National Endowment for the Humanities has partnered with Michigan State University to present a site where you can listen to "politically significant audio materials". Richard Nixon, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, and Bill Clinton are among the available speakers. (The RealAudio player is required to hear these recordings. If you don't have it, the player can be downloaded from RealAudio. You may also encounter difficulty if you don't have the current version of the RealAudio player. The is a free download of a suitable version with a link further down on their first page. The download will take several minutes.) 


Week of 4/9/00:

We are surrounded by modern conveniences ranging from the mundane to the marvelous. At one end of the spectrum is the flush toilet which was certainly quite an invention in its day! At the other end is the cell phone. We usually take these things for granted. But just sometimes, have you wondered how something works? How Stuff Works comes to the rescue and provides well developed answers on a wide variety of topics. 

Week of 4/2/00:

Here are three links to the San Diego Zoo. If you like zoos, this is a great site!:

The Baby Page has pictures and information about the zoo's newest baby animals.

Send  free electronic postcards from the zoo. The postcard includes a picture of an animal you select and a message that you write. Send them to your friends, children, and relatives. 

The Panda Page has information on the zoos pandas and includes a link to a camera that watches the pandas- the Pandacam.

Week of 3/26/00:

hamster dance You'll have to see it. 

Pig news from Cincinnati Will thousands flock to Cincinnati in May 2000?

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