Useful Government Links for and about Seniors

Some Surprising Government Links for and about Seniors

Nursing Homes

This site is provided by the U.S. government. It's purpose is  to provide understandable information about the performance of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country. The site provides a user-friendly set of questions that allows you to readily find and select nursing homes in your area.

This site contains summary information about nursing homes during their last State inspection. This site also contains information that was reported by the nursing homes prior to the last State inspection including nursing home and resident characteristics. Some of this information is subject to change.

Although it is very important to visit the nursing homes under consideration in addition to using this site, the site is a valuable tool for starting to assess nursing homes in your area.

Elder Services

Services Locator

The site is provided by the government's Administration on Aging. The site provides a phone number to locate elder services in any area of the country. A portion of their webpage is reproduced below: 

"Anyone can call the Eldercare Locator on the toll-free number, 1-800-677-1116, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern Time. Please have the following information ready:

    This will help us to identify the information resource nearest to the person requiring assistance.
    If you are unsure about what kind of service is best for your situation, do not worry. Our highly trained staff can direct you to a source that can answer your questions.

Whether you have an immediate need or you want information for long term planning, you can turn to the Eldercare Locator. Established in 1991, the service links you with the information and referral networks of state and local area agencies on aging."

The general address for the government's Administration on Aging is This site includes a variety of information regarding aging.

More services

This site is part of the comprehensive and sometimes overwhelming U.S. government site The services portion provides links to a variety of types of services. One of the the oldest and largest eldercare sourcebooks on the web is ELDERWEB and it is found at Elderweb is not a government site but is a tremendous source of information on and for the elderly.

Mail Fraud

The site is the U.S. governments postal inspector's site. Click on the consumer fraud choice to see various scams and frauds that are perpetrated through the mail. Elderly people seem to be special targets for many of these schemes. Some mailings may be illegal, many squeak by under the letter of the law. Be especially careful if an elder member of your family starts to receive more and more sweepstakes or lottery mail. He or she may be buying something or paying extra to receive an upgrade of some "gift" they have supposedly won. Some fraud is framed so as to not be illegal even though decent folks would consider it grossly immoral. The perpetrators of fraud seek weakness to exploit. Unfortunately, age can create weakness in once sturdy defenses against  these charlatans.

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