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Other Links of Interest

Retirement Communities: The leading edge of baby boomers is in the mid-fifties. Some of us are pondering retirement. One option is to move into a planned community targeted towards retirees. These communities offer many activities and are becoming increasing popular. This site has collected information from retirement communities all over the US and Canada. It is a very useful information resource!
Zip Codes:
This site is from the U.S. Postal Service. Use it to find zip codes, state abbreviations, street suffixes, and abbreviations for secondary units such as apartments and trailers.
Arthur Frommers Budget Travel On-Line
: A tremendous resource for travel information.
: Canada's Association for the Fifty-Plus. 
The Coffee Rooms
: A gathering place for women on the web. 
provides golf outings around the Lehigh Valley. The founder of the site first founded a successful local electronics firm, and has now moved onto the world of the web. Amazingly enough he has a patent associated with what he is doing on his website.

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