Rodale Park for Cycling and Fitness: Part of the Rodale Legacy

The Bob Rodale Cycling and Fitness Park

A memorial to Bob Rodale, this park combines a delightful walking trail with a 1.3 mile paved loop used for bicycling and rollerblading.

The memorial garden wraps around a bell on a stand. The plaque invites the user to ring the gong and Be Alive!rodalebell.jpg (85186 bytes) The picture at the right is a "thumbnail". Click on it and you will be able to read the plaque yourself. Click the "Back" button on your browser to leave the full sized photo and return to this article.

Children play in a sand and boulder area. 

A single pavilion sits atop a hill inviting the picnicker.

Bob Rodale was the son of Jerome Irving Rodale. J.I.Rodale was the first to popularize the term "organic" farming. It was J.I. who founded Rodale Press. Bob Rodale introduced the broader concept of an "Organic America", building on his father's base. The US Department of Agriculture became interested in the regenerative farming techniques he promoted. Federal funds now support a 9 million dollar Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. An automobile accident took Bob Rodale from us in 1990. Click HERE for biographical information on the Rodale family and their influence on shaping our environment. If you are a parent taking your child to this park, join forces with your child and use this PA link to learn more about this family from Emmaus and how individuals can make a difference.

The paved path is divided into three lanes accommodating both the dawdler and the speedster. The hill loop is 1.3 miles, the inner flat loop is 0.6 miles, and the inner hill loop is 0.75 miles.

The walking path is special due to a raised boardwalk that forms part of the path. Benches along this boardwalk sport bas relief carvings of outdoor scenes. A cheery chickadee may land near as you rest on a bench.

Both the walking trail and the paved path pass through majestic tall pines. The bare trunks of the pines reach high sprouting an expansion of green at the top. Sunlight dances through the branches as they wave gently at the sky. Leaving the trees, the paths open to a hill top vista of the country side. It is a sense of being at one with nature. Bob Rodale would be pleased.

How to get there

From Allentown, PA, take route 222 West. Continue on Route 222 for 0.2 miles after it crosses Route 100. Turn right on Masser Road. A sign will show this as the way to the Lehigh County Velodrome. The Velodrome is on your right, and the park is on your left. A parking lot is provided, as are portable toilets.

Sometimes the paved path is closed for special events. Call (610) 820-3129 for details.

The Rodale Press publishes an array of fitness and health magazines. Their list of publications can be found at

Two more thumbnails of the park for your enjoyment. The first another view from the boardwalk; the second a vista as the trees open to the countryside:

rodalewalk.jpg (119421 bytes)            rodalevista.jpg (39323 bytes)

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