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cover Dream a Dream Beautiful Christmas Carols by the fourteen year old with the voice of an angel. cover The Beatles 1 Now Available!
Order this popular CD of the Greatest Hits of the Beatles!  
Real Oldies stations are getting harder to find. Give a gift of the Oldies to your Baby Boomer! 
cover Rock Around The Oldies Vol. 1
Title list and audio samples are provided.
Greatest Hits Of The 60'sAfter clicking, scroll down to "Music Information". Click "Listen to samples" to see the title list and hear audio samples. 
Oldies But Goodies!A  delightful oldies collection on one disc. Title list and audio samples.  Art Laboe's 60 Killer Oldies
A four CD boxed set. A title list and audio samples are provided. 
Oldies But Goodies: 250 Legendary Hits
The definitive oldies collection. 15 CD's capture 250 legendary Oldies. A title list is provided.
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