Traveling? These sites can save you $$$!

Using the web to save travel dollars

$$   Let's face it- traveling is expensive.  $$ 
The web can help you save those travel dollars.  

 Here are sites that can help you save big on travel.


When our son got married recently in Washington DC, we booked our room using this site. The "rack rate" listed on the door of the room...$429 per night. Our cost... $89 per night. This site gets unbooked rooms from hotels and sells them to you at a greatly reduced price. Is there a catch? Maybe. Be sure  to check the terms and conditions. In our case there was a cancellation penalty. It would have cost us $50 dollars if we had not used the room. We were sure that we would be there for the wedding, so this was a great deal for us.


This is a similar idea to Again, be sure to check the terms and conditions, and especially the cancellation policy. 

Both and let you pick your hotel and your stay. Always check both sites. I have found the same hotel with rooms at different rates and different cancellation provisions.

Even calling the hotel directly will not get you the rates available on these two websites. It can take a little while to thoroughly research these sites for the best deal. Let's say it takes you half an hour to research your room and you save seventy dollars a night. That's the equivalent of you making $140 dollars in an hour-without income tax! 

Here's a ridiculously simple money saving tip that often works with hotels. If you have to book directly, ask several times if they don't have a better rate they can give you.


This site can help you find low air fares. It includes several other options as well such as car rentals. Use it as one of the places that you check while bargain shopping.


This site has great advice on what to do and what to see. It also can help you find wonderful places to go that won't break your budget. 


With the four websites above, we've helped you save money getting there, staying there, eating there, and sightseeing there. Have a great trip!!!

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