You may have Unclaimed Funds waiting for You

Unclaimed Funds: Finding Lost Money

Imagine losing money that then goes to the state. It happens more often than you think. Someone moves and the mail does not get forwarded. An elderly person may have forgotten about a savings account opened long ago.

Lost money from sources such as bank accounts, stock dividends, and tax refunds are turned over to the state. This occurs when the agency or business holding your money cannot find you. This money is called escheated and can generally be reclaimed indefinitely- if you can find it and prove that you are the rightful owner. These unclaimed funds are usually relatively small amounts, and at some point in time the state is likely to stop crediting interest on the money. A windfall is unlikely, but you never know. 

Prior to the internet, lists of owners of unclaimed funds would generally get published annually in major newspapers. If you now lived in a different area, finding such unclaimed funds could be difficult. The internet has now made it considerably easier.

Yahoo's multi-state directory provides links to each state's web site on the subject. 

Multi-state directory for unclaimed funds

Since our Lehigh Valley boomers are likely to be interested in the Tri-State PA-NY-NJ area, specific links to unclaimed funds search tools for these states are provided below.


New York State

New Jersey

If you are lucky enough to find forgotten funds, you will also have to prove to the state that you actually are entitled to the money. We hope that you will be one of the lucky ones!

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