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An Interview with the Author of Fate's Marionette's People
Fun link for 5/23/02: He's got that sinking feeling.. Fun
Fun link for 12/02/01: Sooner or later someone was bound to invent a new kind of fishing! Fun
Fun link for 11/25/01: Ever been fooled? Visit the Museum of Hoaxes for tomfoolery over the centuries. Fun
Fun link for 11/18/01: Crazy for the moon might be a good way to describe this site. Fun
Using the web to save travel dollars It's amazing how much can be saved by visiting a few websites! Money
Fun link for 11/11/01: Can you imagine a website devoted solely to the game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Even includes a screen to help you practice your game! Fun
Fun link for 11/4/01: We admit to being Harry Potter fans! Watch the Hogwarts Express, play quidditch, create magical creatures and more. Fun
Vacationing with Aging Parents by Clare Absher RN, BSN. A very informative article to allow you to successfully bring infirm parents along on the family vacation- and for everyone to have a good time! Family
Fun link for 10/28/01: Watch a video of the Northern Lights! Learn about this mysterious phenomenon. Fun 
Men-O-Pause? Valerie Otto's helpful article about why menopause matters to men! Family
Fun link for 10/21/01: FUN LINK is BACK. Check out the spookiest spooks for Halloween! Fun
Convincing Mom or Dad to Get In-Home Help by Clare Absher RN,BSN Family
Fun link for 4/15/01: For some perverse glee after watching your retirement savings shrink, this week we visit the dumbest moments in internet history. Fun
Fun link for 4/8/01: Fun link is back! This week we visit the insurance institute for highway safety. How does your vehicle measure up? Fun
Try the Face Game. An additive match game created by Kien Caoxuan Fun
Fun Link for 3/4/01: Storyteller lets your child or grandchild submit their own story and see it on the web. Fun
Fun Link for 2/25/01: Join sea kayaker Mike Falconeri as he paddles from Oregon to Maine Fun
Tax Savings for Education Expenses: Just in time for April 15, 2001 Money
10 Tips for Celebrating Your 50th Birthday These could be adapted for many different ages. Fun
Fun Link for 2/18/01: Did you ever feel that it just didn't quite sound right? Fun
Link for 2/11/01: This week's link covers a more serious subject, teen driving safety. Fun
Food for Thought:: Our February 2000 entry, "Do We Really Know It All?" Family
Fun Link for 2/4/01: Can dogs be in these pictures and still retain their dignity? Fun
Fun Link for 1/28/01: Everything you could imagine about baseball Fun
Fun Link for 1/21/01: See an aerial view of your house in the USA Fun
By popular request, here's the listing of the year 2000 USBOOMERS quotes of the week. Fun
Fun Link for 1/14/01: Visit the FBI's homepage to find information for all age groups Fun
The Investment Series: Annuity Basics Learn about annuities, how they work, and the tax advantage. Money
Fun Link for 1/7/01: Have fun at the CIA's homepage for kids Fun
The Wizard of Clocks: The most amazing clocks! People
Fun Link for 12/31/00: Find out what those internet terms mean. Fun
Fun Link for 12/24/00: Practice jump starting a battery the right way. Fun
Fun Link for 12/03/00: Visit Santa's house for fun, games, and Christmas around the world Fun
Fun Link for 11/26/00: What salary can you earn? Fun
Fun Link for 11/19/00: Meet Mr. Winkle: the definition of cute. Fun
Fun Link for 11/12/00: Crime stories and special features. Read about the Navidad virus. Fun
Food for Thought for October 2000: "I'd give my life...." Submit your food for thought and earn $10. Family
Fun Link for 10/29/00: Need some unusual news? Fun
Fun Link for 10/15/00: For those who can't get enough of soap operas. Fun
The USBOOMERS Store: NEW! Visit our store and see what we have to offer! In association with Amazon.com Store
Fun Link for 10/8/00: Liberachia, Chia Zadora, Metalichia and other great art work inspired by the infamous Chia Pet. Fun
Fun Link for 10/1/00: Search for biographies Fun
Concentration: Can you match the squares in the electronic version of this old-time favorite? Fun
Fun Link for 9/24/00: Halloween is almost upon us. A wonderfully artistic and spooky site. Fun
Behind the Scenes at Oldies 99.9: A look at a radio station  Fun
Fun Link for 9/17/00: Take the bat quiz. It's fun. Fun
Four weeks in a Minivan: Contributed by a high school senior.  People
Fun Links for 9/10/00: Help with those sticky situations. Fun
The Investment Series: Investment Strategy Basics (9/5/00) Money
Fun Links for 9/3/00: Police cars from around the world. Fun
Start your engines (8/27/00): Boat racing with a catch Fun
Fun Links for 8/27/00: Pick your own music and listen from the beginning of the song. Fun
Fun Links for 8/20/00: Well organized movies reviews. Great for trying to decide which movie to see or rent. Fun
The Investment Series: International Investing Basics (8/20/00) Money
Fun Links for 8/13/00: Games from the US Mint. Some nifty products too! Fun
The Investment Series: Asset Allocation Basics (8/6/00) Money
Fun Links for 8/6/00: Useless knowledge: everything you didn't need to know. We've added their fact of the day to our Fun page. Fun
Food for Thought for July 2000: "Then it hit me."... Our newest feature gives you the chance to earn $10. Family
Fun Links for 7/30/00: Lighthouses, a shipwreck, and this day in history. Have fun! Fun
July 4 on the White House Lawn (7/23/00) Family
The Investment Series: Mutual Fund Basics (7/23/00) Money
Fun Link for 7/23/00: Two new links this week: Fight world hunger with the click of a mouse- a great idea!; Also, Look up your high school classmates. Fun
The Vacation Checklist: So you won't forget... Fun
Fun Link for 7/17/00: The ORIGINAL hamster dance is back! Fun
The Investment Series: Stock Basics (7/12/00) Money
Fun Link for 7/9/00: The 100 Funniest Movies Fun
The Touchstone Theater in Bethlehem, PA has something for all ages.(7/9/00) Fun
We have reformatted the USBOOMERS site. We hope that you enjoy the new format!(7/9/00) All
Fun links for 7/2/00: Two new links for this week: Fireworks for the Fourth of July and the Worst Cars of the Millennium Fun
The Investment Series: Bond Basics (6/29/00) Money
Fun links for 6/25/00 Free samples of  variety of products Fun
Other links of interest: Find retirement communities to your liking in the US or Canada Fun
Fun links for 6/18/00 The World's Dumbest Crooks Fun
Colin Kemp, Whitewater Rider (6/5/00) Interesting story and amazing pictures People
Fun links for 5/29/00 75 Years of the Band Aid, with links to other Unusual Museums on the Web Fun
Lake Nockamixen   and Mauch Chunk Lake, Leaser Lake (5/27/00) Adventure DB
Fun links for 5/21/00 Abduction Insurance; "Find zip codes" added to links of interest. Fun
Fraud: Is your Senior at Risk? Part 2 (5/14/00) Family
Fun links for 5/14/00 News at your birth Fun
Fraud: Is your Senior at Risk? Part 1 (5/7/00) Family
Fun Links for 5/7/00 Games, Restrooms Fun
Pet Questions Answered (5/7/00) Family
Fun links for 4/30/00 Great Achievements, Houdini Fun
Allentown College summer play schedule Fun
Covered Bridges of Lehigh Valley Pa (4/24/00) Fun
Fun links for 4/24/00 Peep surgery, music history Fun
Fun links for 4/16/00 Politically significant audio  Fun
Telemarketers Got You Down?(4/9/00) Family
Heart Attack and Stroke Symptoms (4/9/00) Direct link to American Heart Association's symptom list. Health
Other links of interest 

Fun links:  Learn how stuff works!

Added paragraph and link: Let the Government Help You Find a College.(4/9/00) Family
Added an additional arthritis link (4/2/00) Health
Under "Coping with the Elderly at Home", added a link to a site dedicated to caregivers (4/2/00) Family
Saving for College: the 529 Plan (4/2/00) Money
Other links of interest (Updated 4/2/00) Fun
The Lehigh River Canal Path(3/25/00)      Adventure Data Base
Beltzville Lake (3/18/00) Adventure Data Base
Canoeing and Flat Water Kayaking (3/18/00) Fun
Choices for Senior Care: The Dilemma (3/18/00) Family
A Chichen Itza Pictorial: Exploring Ancient Mayan Ruins(3/4/00) Fun
Some Surprising Government Links for and about Seniors (3/4/00) Family
The Will versus Living Trust Debate (2/26/00) Family
Long Term Care- A Primer (2/12/00) Family
This Vet Makes House Calls(2/10/00) People
 Rethinking Retirement (2/7/00) Money
  The Amazing Power of Time (1/30/00) Money

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