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We baby boomers are entering a period of significant change in our lives. This site provides the best information and resources for us boomers.

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Vacationing with Aging Parents
by Clare Absher RN, BSN
A very informative "how-to" article about successful vacations with infirm parents.

Ten Tips for Turning Fifty
Make your celebration a bit different 

529 Plans: A great Way to Save for College 

The Investment Series Part 1: Stock Basics

Learn about Covered Bridges

Visit the Mexican Pyrmids of Chichen Itza Men-O-Pause? Valerie Otto's helpful article about why menopause matters to men!
Convincing Mom or Dad to Get In-Home Help  
by Clare Absher RN,BSN

The Vacation Checklist

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 Attorney Knauer offers a variety of legal services in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. Prompt professional service is provided in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.      Provides reliable, personal assistance with bill paying, taxes, health insurance forms, and other non-medical services. Serving Lehigh Valley, PA area.     Moving and relocation services with emphasis on senior citizens.


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 Your one-stop golf link in the Lehigh Valley, PA.


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